Thursday, August 12, 2010

acacia's page

As you can see to the left of this, I have two page links.

The first page is Home - where you are now. The second page is all about Acacia.

I will be updating it as often as needed... with things that make me laugh, warm my heart, and I may even post some pictures. Ya know, all those loving-mother sort of things. 

If I have the time, I may even go back and write things in from the first year and a half.

It will be an ongoing page... meaning that I'll write in it as long as Blogger allows me the ability. 

My hope is that it will bless you, as the things written assuredly bless me, and that it will bring a smile to your face, for she never ceases to make my cheeks crease. Sorry... I didn't mean to make that sound so poetic. 

So... if you're having a bad day or a wonderful day, I share my joy with you through Acacia. 

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