Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 weeks, 1 day

Well, I thought that my morning sickness was easing off after starting a regimen of 50mg B6 and 4 ginger root extract vitamins per day. Unfortunately, some meals are just nearly impossible to swallow down. On the fortunate side, it is a good sign that the baby is still in there thriving! In only two weeks we get to have our first ultrasound and finally hear that sweet, rapid, lub-dub of the heart beating. I figure -- hope. plead. --  at that point, "Good riddance, morning sickness! You're no longer needed here!"

I'm on this kick to decorate my house. I'm creating all these plans for my bedroom, the babies' bedroom, blank walls around the house... The pitiful thing is, I can't even get the laundry taken care of. It's a great accomplishment to get the 3-day pile of dishes done. Anyone wanna be my free housemaid? Just for a few more weeks; til this sickness passes???

I don't understand how mothers of many children do it. They are supermoms. Admirable.

I... am not.

Once I'm over the hurdles of first trimester, I'm going to try to get on top of everything. Clean the bathrooms... sweep and mop the floor.... vacuum... dust... clean out all the spills in the fridge -- how did they even get there!? Until then, I'll accomplish whatever I can in a day - dishes, maybe - restful naps, chewing my food and keeping it down, entertaining and feeding my husband and Acacia.

Bring it; next-two-weeks-of-morning sickness!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

number two

[[[ I think I may have an excellent excuse for not posting since the first of December. ]]]

As Christmas was drawing near, I was exhausted with trying to get everything done. But nearing the Holiday, hunger mounted onto that exhaustion. By the 23rd of December, it was pretty obvious what the "problem" was. I took a test to confirm what we already knew.

If you would have asked me anytime before Christmas when I wanted to have another baby, I would have told you - with much emphasis - that "I'm not ready. Maybe in the fall we'll try, for sake of Acacia having a sibling close in age. But if it were only up to me, I don't even want to consider getting pregnant for another two years."

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, 
neither are My ways your ways," declares the LORD.     
Isaiah 55:8

That night I stayed up late, my mind a whirlwind of thoughts. Sometime past midnight,  I laughed out loud when it occurred to me that there was only one opportunity for this little baby to be. And the Lord saw fit to make it. We testify of the Lord's sovereign timing.

The Legistics: I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. Baby is due August 24th. I am nauseous every waking moment of the day. I want to be asleep every moment I'm awake.

I am still in the risk period for something to happen to the baby, so please keep us in your prayers. Also, I have not announced anything on Facebook (yet), so please don't leave me a giant 'congrats' on my page ;) Here, your comments are welcomed, of course. I will probably be putting something in my FB status at the end of the week.

Thanks for being my friends and following my posts.

Well, I'm off to take my afternoon nap!