Ava Ree

11|15|13 The sweetest moment that made me tear up. I was nursing Josiah, Ava was brushing my hair and caressing my head oh so gently. And to be in on the action, Acacia was holding my hand. I felt like a queen.

10|17|13 Ava's communication skills are incredible. She speaks full sentences.

09|10|13 "ah-bay!" she calls out and she lifts on arm above her head and twirls in a circle with her tutu on. ((ballet))

08|01|13 For her nephew Judah, Ava says "Ju-ie"

07|31|13 Lately I have noticed a huge increase in Ava's vocabulary -- mainly that she is saying two words together very clearly. "ya ok?" - are you ok

07|22|13 Discovered from a trip to and from Fruita that Ava gets carsick :(

07|13|13 When Ava wants to make sure she has our attention when speaking to us she says, "knock, knock" and knocks twice on you with her little fist.

06|30|13 Ava rubs my belly and says "'Siah" for her baby brother, Josiah."

06|17|13 Woot woot! Ava (after five days, I declare this) is offically out of her pack n play and is sleeping in her toddler bed! :-D

05|29|13 We took the girls to the beach for the first time today in CA and Ava LOVED the waves. She was fearless and absolutely gleeful!

05|21|13 She loves hair. She caresses my hair all the time, and that of anyone else in whose arms she is held. At bedtime she pets my pony tail and snuggles into it.

04|10|13 My baby is obsessed with babies. She adores them and is such a little momma with a heart of nurturing!

03|13|13 I can't keep up with this girl's vocabulary... she knows SO many words.

02|08|13 So Ava's favorite book and only book that she EVER wants to read is a book of 100 animals. Well we read it 10 times a day so it is no surprise that she is learning many of her animal noises: ruff for a dog, rawr for bear, tiger, lion, whoo whoo for the owl, bopopop for the fish, mew for the kitty, moo for the cow

02|07|13 Today Ava said "chuch" for church

02|01|13 "Baff" for bath - which she requests demands multiple times a day, "oong" for orange, "nana" for banana, "peez" for please

01|20|13 "Caw" for car, "ee-go" when handing me something (here you go), "neesh" for her Dr. Seuss "sneetch" doll that she sleeps with tight in her arms, "yesh" for yes

01|12|13 "Bu-bae" for blueberry, "ko" for thank you, "bea" for bear, "mow" for more, "ears", "nose", "eyes", "no"

12|27|12 "bebee" for baby -- and she adores her baby doll for Christmas, "hat, "dow" for down, "out", "on", "off"

12|11|12 "Ahg-gah" means all gone and "pay" for pray, "bu-buh" for bubbles

12|05|12 Ava says "eye" and "gay-gah" for Acacia, "nau-nau" for bedtime

12|01|12 Juice - "juish, "app-el" for apple

11|25|12 Ava said "papa" and "nana"

11|20|12 Ava says "oosh" for shoes, "datch" for diaper change, "ash" for trash, "teesh" for teeth

11|05|12 Well, unless she is crying out for me, "mama!" when we ask her to say mama she says, "bob" or "abob, baba"

11|01|12 Ava says "ot" for hot, and very clearly says "up!"

10|12|12 Ava is officially weaned. :).........  :( :( :(

10|07|12 Ava loves to sing. At the top of her lungs. In the car. Just to annoy her sister.

09|01|12 Forget walking, Ava is running... well, it's more like a walking fall. ;)

08|12|12 Happy first birthday, beautiful! You were so precious eating your mini cupcakes :)

08|05|12 Ava cut her first tooth... and her second. Yes, at the same time.

08|03|12 We have a walker! Ava took her first step!!!!

07|21|12 Ava distinctly says "hi"

07|10|12 I love how Ava crawls -- on her hands and feet, like a little monkey

07|02|12 Ava stood up without any assistance for a good few seconds! :-D

06|30|12 Today I caught Ava standing on Acacia's little princess chair trying to watch Blue's Clues with her sister. I foresee a "no fear" toddler, Lord help me!

06|29|12 Ava is starting to push around her tiny stroller.

06|20|12 Ava likes to bang her head repeatedly on the floor when she is upset. She also likes to pinch, scratch, claw, and pull hair.

06|10|12 First attempt at the stairs... and she climbed straight up them like an ol' pro.

06|03|12 "mamamamama" is how Ava cries out for me <3 I'm pretty sure this is her first real word.

05|29|12 By golly, she figured it out! She learned to crawl today!

05|27 My baby is a little inchworm making her way around the room slowly.

04|03|12 Ava starts twitching her little arms and legs when she wants someone to pick her up

03|20|12 We were cracking up today watching Ava -- as my dad would toss a ball up and catch it, her little arms would go flailing around and she would catch her breath in the anticipation of each throw.

03|10|12 Yay! The gigantic bald spot (the whole back and sides of Ava's head) are filling in with fuzzy hair -- blonde fuzz!

02|19|12 Ava is allergic to avocado :( Hives....

02|18|12 Ava can sit up!

02|15|12 Tonight Ava had her first human food -- Avocado. She LOVED it!

02|04|12 Ava rolled a 360! ... plus some :) This picture is right after she rolled. She started face up on the jungle mat.

02|01|12 Pierced Ava's ears today!

01|21|12 Ava rolled over this morning! I put a toy beside her in hopes she would make the effort. Seeing that she wasn't succeeding, I took something to the kitchen. But when I came back, little miss was laying on her tummy!

01|13|12 We have a talker! "Gah-gah-da-da-da-gah"

01|03|12 Ava twirled around in a circle. Hasn't rolled over yet, but she is so close

12|15|11 Ava is beginning to grab things. Also starting to really lose her hair in the back from rubbing, sadness!

11|11|11 It's amazing to see how much more alert she is becoming; even seeming to recognize people

10|28|11 A baby's first laugh is such a precious thing to cause and behold. I got one out of Ava. She is such a happy and smiley baby.

10|04|11 Ava is starting to smile

09|20|11 Baby girl is gaining a lot of strength and holding up her sweet little head.

08|12|11 my precious Ava Ree was born. A head of dark wavy hair, 10 lbs 1 oz, 19 1/2 inches. Perfect.

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