Thursday, March 24, 2011

18 weeks 1 day

Right now I am feeling my little fishy inside prod around.

I just drank a glass of iced tea.
    I think it went straight to baby and left no caffeine for me.

I'm exhausted.
 - and I still have to do the gigantic pile of dishes, two loads of laundry, prepare the guest bedroom & bathroom, get dressed, make dinner, and go to the college & career group ALL before the day ends. But all I want to do is sleep. Lord help me!

It seems that I always am. My blood sugar must be running really low. Or I'm forgetting how tiring pregnancy was last time.

We had an early ultrasound to see if we could see what the baby is - boy or girl?

     Baby was quite prude and wouldn't let us know; legs crossed tight.

          I can't help but hope dearly for a boy, since I already have a little girl. 

     I will be content with whatever the Lord gives me.

My hormones are out of control. I must have forgotten about that from last time too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just wrote three paragraphs in this post and decided against sharing.

I'm keeping the title because I think I have made the "smarter" decision by leaving the other information disclosed.

I have opinions, feelings, offenses... But I don't feel comfortable splatting them all over for record to see.

Hmmm... So that leaves us with a boring post then, eh?

     I'll give you what randomness is in my head.

I am 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant. As I am sitting here I am imagining-up feeling little squirmy movements in my belly.

     It's probably just gas.

In two weeks I have my next prenatal appointment; they'll be scheduling me for my 20 wk ultrasound to discover the gender of the baby.

     I'd love a little boy. But a little girl would be so convenient.

When we get our tax refund [tomorrow!??] we will have our cash to go buy a new car. Straight up, baby! No debt.
     I've been praying for this car for three years. I'm trusting the Lord is going to give us the best.

My calendar has events every week from now until mid April.
     Are other people's lives like this???

We renovated our bedroom. Painted it green, added white trimming on the windows and closet. Installed shelving. Bought two new lamp stands, two blinds, eight baskets, and a down comforter. And all within a $400 budget.
    A special thanks to our wonderful friend Mike R. (and Walmart, site-to-store delivery) without whom our project would have been an epic fail.

I'm going to go eat thin mints and head to bed.

     It's one of those nights.