Monday, November 22, 2010

gobble gobble

I can hardly wait to gobble down all the glorious flavors of Thanksgiving this Thursday! Not to mention, enjoying the wonderful company of family.

This yeah I am hosting TG at my house... which lands the responsibility of the turkey.... on ME.

dun dun dun

I've asked around & researched and decided I will be using this site for my basic guide for the bird.

As for the stuffing... I stumbled upon a recipe that sounds amazing

I'll also be dishing up some marshmallow yams (just like momma makes 'em) and possibly some homemade dinner rolls - maybe these

My [absolutely lovely] sister-in-law and her mother are in charge of the swiss medley, baked macaroni, and perfect mashed potatoes; along with apple and pumpkin pie.


I'm hungry already.

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