Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 weeks, 1 day

Well, I thought that my morning sickness was easing off after starting a regimen of 50mg B6 and 4 ginger root extract vitamins per day. Unfortunately, some meals are just nearly impossible to swallow down. On the fortunate side, it is a good sign that the baby is still in there thriving! In only two weeks we get to have our first ultrasound and finally hear that sweet, rapid, lub-dub of the heart beating. I figure -- hope. plead. --  at that point, "Good riddance, morning sickness! You're no longer needed here!"

I'm on this kick to decorate my house. I'm creating all these plans for my bedroom, the babies' bedroom, blank walls around the house... The pitiful thing is, I can't even get the laundry taken care of. It's a great accomplishment to get the 3-day pile of dishes done. Anyone wanna be my free housemaid? Just for a few more weeks; til this sickness passes???

I don't understand how mothers of many children do it. They are supermoms. Admirable.

I... am not.

Once I'm over the hurdles of first trimester, I'm going to try to get on top of everything. Clean the bathrooms... sweep and mop the floor.... vacuum... dust... clean out all the spills in the fridge -- how did they even get there!? Until then, I'll accomplish whatever I can in a day - dishes, maybe - restful naps, chewing my food and keeping it down, entertaining and feeding my husband and Acacia.

Bring it; next-two-weeks-of-morning sickness!

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  1. Hang in there sister! When I was pregnant with Sovereign, my morning sickness and fatigue kept me in bed ALL the time... so I can't imagine life for you with caring for Acacia and your husband and house! Keep those great plans in mind cause when your body allows you'll be able to get them done- for now your uterus is working overtime so relax and enjoy every minute taking it day by day!! Always enjoy reading your posts...