Wednesday, May 12, 2010

graduation & consequence

No, I am not graduating college this month.
    But all my k-12 classmates are.

                                                                 Okay. Perhaps not all.
                                                                            But many.

I see their status' about final exams, papers, and their excitement to be done with school.

The stress of exams and long essays I have not much - or not at all - of a yearning for. But the latter gets my mind to thinking. And when I look at their pictures in the robes and hats I am proud of them. It makes me wonder what my life would be like had that path been chosen for me.

In case anyone is not informed on the matter, I will give an account that may enlighten you on my schooling.

To my delightful surprise (and all in accordance with a Will much higher than my own), I finished high school one year early. Originally class of 2006, with my senior year of HS remaining, I was offered the fall and spring semesters at Mesa State University with a free ride. I declined this offer and in the spring of '05 I instead found myself applying - much to some people's dismay - at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California. Over the course of the summer, I received my acceptance letter and made my preparations for college life.

Though I could post an entire blog -- and by that, meaning an entire new blog address; not just one post - on my experience at CCBC, I'll spare the wonderful, precious details of my two years in Southern California and leave you with the fact that my time there was most meaningful and life-changing. In spring 2007, I graduated with an Associates degree in Theology and left with absolutely no inclination for returning to school for a "real" college education.

If you know anything of these kinds of degrees, you know that they mean nothing to the general populous. Many consider that I am as good off as wasting two years of my life having attended an unaccredited college. Which was all fine with me. Because I had no desire for a pursual of a specific field of education or career.

I do not consider myself lazy, unmotivated, or with no deliberation. Though, I have never had a specific interest in any particular topic. School was not something I hated or didn't excel in; I was always a studious, honor roll student. So I haven't denied furthering my education because of a dislike for studies. The Lord, rather, had perhaps not given me any inclinations, interests, or desires because He knew I would pursue them.

As it turned out, I became acquainted with Jason during Bible college and upon the beginning of our relationship knew without a doubt that we were to be married.

So thats just what we did, one year following our graduation from CCBC, on June 7, 2008 we said our vows. Three months following, little Acacia was conceived... and eight months later we became parents.

I am now a stay at home mother...
   with a high school diploma,
   a worthless (through the world's eyes) degree,
   and no aspirations for any other qualifications.

Being without a job is something that I am particularly fond of. I never really enjoyed going to work; not any of my 5 different occupations. Staying home is what I much prefer; and since I will be homeschooling Acacia, that is just what I am destined to. (Though if finances demand it, I would definitely find a job.)

Also, if I were ever to acquire reasoning to obtain further education on any topic, I would assuredly do so.

Despite my contentedness with my situation, there are times when I look upon my friends' lives with the question in my heart of, I wonder what it would be like for me if I had chosen such an accomplishment...

Instead, I am responsible for a home, a husband, and a child: and these are the consequences of my actions.


But consequences are not a bad thing. They are merely the outcome of some kind of cause or condition.
And this is my life.
This is the path that the Lord has brought me.
I couldn't be happier in any other setting.

So congratulations to all you graduates! I am dearly happy for you.
    (I hope that expensive education taught you something worth knowing in life)
Don't look back and wish it were ending.
Look forward now to everything ahead that really matters.

As I was filled with knowledge and understanding from CCBC that equipped me for my life, I hope you can use what you have learned and put it to use likewise.

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