Friday, February 19, 2010

cheers..... and sigh

here is to my first blog entry....

i always vowed that i would never make a blog.... but i suppose lots of things change over time.
as i sit here looking out the window to the dreary sky and sparse snowflakes drifting down lazily, i perhaps know why i've chosen to write this blog. loneliness...? and with that, a hope that people are listening - to me. my fears, my joys, my woes, and my excitements. i know my God is always with me, His ear ever open to hear my praise and cry. yet... i find no reason to not share those things [as i keep my heart guarded]

as for what i'd like to say for the moment, i've been on a mini-roller-coaster the past few months; whether it be because of things directly or indirectly affecting me. i'm sure some of things i will bring to light eventually. and today is no different. Jason and i are praying about purchasing a home. its a big decision and we have our budget limits and other criteria we want met. we know that if the Lord desires this for us that all the details will fall perfectly into place by His divine sovereignty and providence. i believe this. that doesn't mean that i don't allow anxiety and frustration to seep in.

so here i wait for Jason to get home from work and then we are going to go drive by two homes that our realtor e-mailed to us. its all so exciting. i just hate disappointment so i need to be careful. because when i like something, i'm passionate in those feelings.

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  1. I love blogs - I'm very glad you have one =)