Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hoping for a home

If we are going to get a house we needed to figure out a tenant takeover for our apartment because our lease doesn't end until October. 'coincidentally' Andrew and Janae' were wanting to move into a two bedroom apartment and their lease is up at the end of March. So Jason and Andrew went down to the office on Saturday and got everything settled to plan for them to move in at the end of March. i was amazed out how easily it went. Everything was so easy and smooth and it made me really excited, thinking, okay Lord, now bring us a house to buy, everything is ready!  but ... about 30 minutes later, an unsettling feeling of panic crept in.

what if the Lord does want us in our apartment - which has a great rate for plenty of room within our budget to save up $ (to potentially have a down-payment in the future)


From the start of our quest for buying a home i was honest and sincere in my prayers that if the Lord didn't want us to purchase a home then i refused to go against His will and bear the consequences of being disobedient. we will not be where He doesn't want us to be.

Yesterday was Monday and Jason, Acacia and I went with our realtor, Joe, to look at some houses. Two of them were awful and the other two were very prospective properties! We were very thankful for our excursion because it showed us that the Lord could have a very good house for us! One is a HUD - its new, in a very nice neighborhood, but it needs quite a bit of TLC (cleaning, new carpet, and paint). The other one is quite a bit older, its in a nice neighborhood (but kinda south), and its wonderful. Beautiful hardwood floors,a fire place, nice carpet, cute bathrooms.... But its over-priced. We're waiting to hear back from our realtor today to see if the sellers can compromise - otherwise we'll have to just walk away and make the bid on the HUD. And if our bid isn't chosen then our quest will re-start. Basically, I love the older house. Walking around inside made me feel like i was home; where I belonged with my family. So we'll see. I hardly got any sleep last night just thinking about how much I love it and want it.

My final comment on the house-buying: from the beginning we prayed that if the Lord's will would be for us to  buy a house that everything would run easily and that all the details would fall in place as we wait on Him. So far.... so good.
Enough about the houses though.....

Acacia is growing up so quickly! I just saw her crawl about four steps on her hands and knees to get to car seat and now she has pulled herself up to standing with it. This weekend i got her to say "mama" - two weeks after calling Jason "dada." The funny thing is that she is just so tiny. She hasn't been weighed for a month and a half but I doubt she is much more than 15 lbs. At this rate, maybe when she is 2 yrs old she will finally be in a forward facing car seat!

She is such a joy and brings warmth to my heart. Many times I just sit and stare at her. Admiring and soaking in every precious moment, observing her every move and noise. I never thought that being a mother could be so wonderful.

Her first birthday is in 6 weeks. That makes me so very sad.

I have so many other thoughts i'd like to share. Frustrations, anxieties, etc.... but i don't want to be a fool today, venting all my feelings. 

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