Thursday, February 25, 2010

divine appointment

can i just say, "wow".

to buy a house or not to?

well we'd need someone to take over our apartment since our lease doesn't end til October:
       ANSWER: Andrew and Janae' have their lease ending in March and were already wanting to move into a two-bedroom but the prices they found were too expensive. So they will be moving in to take over our apartment at the same expense of rent per month as what they pay for their one bedroom.

we have to find a good real-estate agent; one who wont pressure us or be conniving :
       ANSWER: the Galloways referred us to the agent who helped them. His name is Joe Cuchiara and he goes to our church and he is the most wonderful agent a home-buyer/seller could ever have. He is honest, genuine, quick to return calls, and is very eager to meet our needs.

we need to get pre-approved by a good mortage broker:
       ANSWER: Joe referred us to Mike Gordon (with People's Mortgage) and he not only gave us great figures but he is a Christian and very kind

we have to find the perfect house in a good neighborhood:
       ANSWER: the moment we walked into 1137, Joe said to me, "i think you're really going to like this one" - and so we did. I felt more and more at home and comfortable as we explored the house. Its been kept up well, with paint and newer appliances - its in GREAT condition and needs very little changes. and the neighborhood is nice, very cute, and feels safe.

we need to close on the contract and move into the house starting March 26 since Andrew and Janae' need to be out of their apartment by March 31st:
       ANSWER: the husband (home-owner) is moving out of state at the end of March for his job and his wife and baby would have to stay in Colo Springs until the house was sold. She didn't want to be left behind for who-knows-how-long. and what if they didn't get another offer that was ready to move in a month...?

we won't make an offer more than $153,000 (plus the seller paying closing costs); and they really better not counter-offer us because we might walk away:
       ANSWER: the sellers saw that we are pre-approved and ready to go. Any less of an offer (say $152) and they would have countered with something higher ($155). And they might still have countered but they weren't willing to lose us if we didn't accept their counter offer.

if this is meant to be they will accept our offer the way it is:
       ANSWER: they signed it. we're in contract!

we want an interest rate of 5% at the HIGHEST. Preferably 4.875%
       ANSWER: we got an interest rate of 4.75%   HA!!!!

we need to get insurance for the house:
       ANSWER: insurance is less $ than we anticipated and calculated for payments

YET TO COME that could make or break the contract: the house inspection and the appraisal

stay tuned to see how wonderfully the Lord works...




  1. How wonderful! I'm so glad you recorded all the ways the Lord has made this perfect for your guys. I'm so excited for you!!