Saturday, April 10, 2010


We got the sprinkler's figured out -and yes, we did have to call the previous owners. I found them on facebook...I wonder if I should add them as friends?

Wishing we had furniture in our living room, but all in time. Jason mailed off our tax amendment yesterday
so we should be getting our tax credit


within the next four months


My sister, Mae, asked if she could stay with us in the summer. We gladly decided that a month sounds appropriate. Not too short. Not too long. I haven't spent that much time with her since we were in high school. It will be good; I plan on hanging out with her and Acacia outside in the yard, going to the zoo, teaching her how to make some delicious meals, and enjoying good company and conversation with our friends.

Summer will be pretty jam-packed. Jason's sister, Sheree', will be visiting for a couple months, Jason's parents will be here for ten days, and Jason's grandparents for four days. We're so thankful for this new home to house them all! Unfortunately, we probably won't have any furniture upstairs to sit on by then. Guess we'll all be sardines on the one couch downstairs.

Jason is outside chit-chatting with Brent while throwing the football around. He has such a greater social life than I do. Mine is cyber. And, I don't know if I've mentioned this or not but, we get terrible/NO cell phone service in our house. Bummer. My once-faithful Chocolate is constantly dropping calls, and failing to send/receive texts. So if you ever try to call to talk... don't hold your breath. Alas, now I'm destined to have this laptop with me daily. How else will I communicate; other than "patty cakes," "abc's," and "show me your teeth."

If I want hope of being social; we need a new car. And we will be getting one -- next spring! Lord willing.

Tonight Jason and I wanted to go on a date but its hard to get someone to stay here while Acacia sleeps... Instead we will just do dinner and a movie. Well the baby is waking up (I didn't just sit here and write. I played outside, ate food, hung out...). Back to real life I go!

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