Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one year too fast

Last week my parents came to visit. They brought my beloved nephew, Riley, along with them. We had such a wonderful time all week. Riley (a week from being two years old) and Acacia playing together was such a cute things to see. Next year will be even more fun and I look forward to it so much.  We celebrated Acacia's first birthday on Saturday the 3rd - thank you to all of you who came! We made about 70 vibrant colored cupcakes and then a giant one for Acacia to have all to herself. I was wondering how she would react to the cupcake - whether she would just touch a little bit but not want to get dirty or if she would dig in. Her reaction was very amusing: as soon as I got some frosting on my finger and put it in her mouth, she went at the cupcake!!! She kept trying to pick it up and she would lean down and just take a bite! Oh how I love her! She makes me laugh so much. 

She has always made this funny face - like she is straining for something; her bottom lip gets drawn down, her eyebrows shoot up, her eyes get all big, and you can see the tendons in her neck. But this week she has learned to do it on cue! Strain your face at her, and she will do it right back -- and laugh! She knows she is being funny: which makes it even more entertaining. When I'm nursing her, she'll just pop off and make her face at me or Jason and laugh and pop back on. Nursing. ah yes.... I'm starting to wean. I'm truly going to miss nursing her. But it will be good to have the freedom. So far, the most interest she has in the bottle is to chew on it as a toy. Though she does latch and drink at least part of the whole milk. She likes it. But she likes to play with the bottle more. :) 

I took her to the Dr. on Monday to have her one year check up.... she is 26 inches long and weighs 15.0 lbs. They were concerned with a few minor things, like her not walking or standing without support, but most things will be addressed at the next appointment. As for her size, we're supposed to carb-load her up so she gains weight. The Dr. said to add a bunch of butter to her food, mix Carnation instant breakfast with her milk, pour chocolate syrup on icecream to give to her. Thats all great. Fine and dandy.... but isn't one the the biggest concerns for our children now-a-days their weight issues??? and diabetes???? So.... I'm definitely going to increase her calories, but by no means feed my child junk. I'd rather her be healthy. By next appt if she hasn't put on some lbs, then they will be doing some blood work to check various things, such as her thyroid for growth hormone and her liver and kidneys. oh and..... adding to my post a while back; I want my daughter to be safe. And I will get her tested because of her size - because, yes, she is abnormally small. Although I am pretty positive that she is just very petite, I would much rather be safe than sorry and I want her to be tested, so that I know for sure. And I realized that my Dr. really isn't as bad as I was describing. (Its just that I had a couple visits before with a different Dr. that I liked much better). He is a good Dr. and knows what he is talking about. 

Anyway, Easter Sunday was her birthday. She wore a beautiful dress that she got at her party. She looked like a doll. And at the time of her birth, we stamped her hand and foot into some pink clay as a keepsake :) One year old. I can hardly believe it. Every moment with her I treasure. I want to remember every smile, every giggle, the touch of her tiny hands, her head resting on my shoulder, and her strained little face (which we are naming "show me your teeth"). I love her. 

On another note here are some other random updates
We painted the family room. Desert Cactus. I don't like it. As soon as we get our tax credit, we're buying new paint and painting it a different color. 
My dad bought us glasses! Yes, actual cups to drink out of (instead of coffee mugs and canning jars). He also got us a bread knife. And a rake!
We were blessed with a grill!!! (Thank you so much - you know who you are!) Its brand new and super nice.
We can't figure out how to get our sprinkler system to work... we may have to call the previous home-owners. 
Our cat's name is Coltrane. Her nickname is Busty (because her fur is so fluffy on her chest.) She is a sweet cat - and best of all, she lives outside. 
Whoever showers in the upstairs bathroom between 10 and 11:30 am can open the window and have the sun shine on them. Its absolutely wonderful. 

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  1. I wish I could have spent enough time with you to even end up on here. :( I love you Ari. I can't wait to come see you again.