Thursday, February 16, 2012

update: OCM

So, I think it's time to provide you with a follow up to my post about The Oil Cleansing Method.

It has been over a month now and my face is erupting.

       Just kidding.

It's doing wonderfully! I definitely recommend the OCM.

I'm still using the same bottle that I made in the first place (50% castor oil to 50% olive oil). But I do think that the next batch I make will lean more heavily on the EVOO -- since I'll get a teensy bit flaky on the nose and cheeks (maybe 40/60?).

I am thoroughly impressed with this method of cleansing. My face has not had one blemish in over a month now (two months including the miracle month before trying the OCM.) I feel so much more confident about the skin I'm in. I've grown to enjoy the massage I give myself as I gently - but firmly - rub the oil on. I have already had a number of very stubborn pores clean themselves out and I see a lot of open pores that are making towards the same progressive goal - clean, empty, and functioning! [TMI: Seriously, I had this one by the side of my lip that I thought I'd have to live with the rest of my life -- but no! - it cleaned out just last night!] The hot "steaming" with the washcloth is probably my most favorite step. I take deep slow breaths and try to let go of all the stress of my day. An added bonus is that this stuff removes all my make-up! Hooray!

I look forward to the future; hoping that my skin will purge out the gunk and I'll be left with a brilliant complexion!

For now, I'm enjoying the supple skin and healthy glow I see in my reflexion each night.

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