Sunday, January 15, 2012

the Oil Cleansing Method

As part of my Simple new life, I've started a new regimen for my skin. So, let's face-talk!

Through my teenage years, my complexion was fairly clear. A monthly blemish wasn't unusual; but that was really the extent of it.

Around the age of 19, however, something changed. Between the climate change from CA to CO, new side bangs I was sporting, extra compulsive face-washing, and maybe some stress or hormonal changes(?), my face gradually began to bump up. I'll spare all the details, but years later, I am still mourning over the imperfections that the post-teen bout brought me.

Things have toned down considerably. Though, I can't tell you a definitive reason. The only possible contributing factor I can associate is - my second pregnancy. I lost interest in (cow's) milk. My hormones changed. I stopped using strong face cleansers. So, for almost a year now, I've had increasingly healthier skin. You pick a reason.

But there is still room for improvement!!! Hence the Oil Cleansing Method.

HERE is the site that I originally stumbled upon.

After vamping into my Simple Year, I've finally braved up enough to try it. But everything in me tells me
 oils + face = a no, no

I guess it does make sense. Water repels oil. Thus we need strong chemicals to strip the oils. So our face freaks out and tries to [over]reproduce oils; face gets oily, dirty, clogged. Buuuut, take a cleansing oil, and help draw out the natural oils to clear the clogged pores. Voilà! (Or so they say...)

Tonight will be day three of my oil cleanse [I've chosen to do 1 part Castor oil to 1 part Olive oil]. But let me tell you about day one. I poured a dollop of the thick oil into my palm, heart pounding, I slowly began to apply the oil to my face, targeting my problem areas. The terror of what I was doing made me physically sick to my stomach. After I steamed and blotted off, my face felt great. And still does! I haven't had to use any lotion and, more importantly, I'm not an erupting grease ball (my worst fear).

So far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

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