Wednesday, May 2, 2012

what to do with all those bags

During this weeks Project: Simplify, I dealt with a giant trash bag full and overflowing with grocery bags. I had it shoved in my pantry for easy access. I took it out, tied it up, and hauled it off to the grocery store for recycling today. But I don't want that much space to be invaded again.

I'm going to show you a little trick that I learned from a mother-in-faith about a year ago -- but I've disregarded it until now.

Is this what your counter looks like when you get home from the grocery store? Of course, only when you forget your reusable bags and forget to ask for paper bags, right?  ;)
Well, I forgot to do both, but I won't forget to avoid the pile-up of unused bags.

First of all, lay the bag out flat. Start folding the bag up by about the width of one of the handles. I run my hand over each fold to push out the air - from closed end of the bag to the opening.

It will probably take about five or six folds until you have one strip of bag.

Grasp the closed end with your first three fingers and start rolling the strip of bag around your first and middle finger. Not too tight, but not loose either.

Once you get a few inches from the end, grasp the tail and push it in between your rolled up fingers, pinching it in your finger tips.

Pull the bag through so that the end is shoved into the roll. 

Tada!!! And you can even do it with the produce bags...


Now go back up and take a peep and that heaping pile of air and bag.

Much better use os space, wouldn't-ya-say?

I'm putting this little pile of bags in a small box in my pantry for use during the week. Next week when I go grocery shopping, I'll just take whatever is in there and drop it in recycling. Unless I know I will be using my re-usable bags; in which case I will make sure to leave about 8 folded bags, for whatever.

Easy, peasy.

A special thanks to Mrs. Lopez who taught me this trick. Sorry I have ignored it for so long. I now know better!

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