Monday, April 30, 2012

project: simplify - week 4

Now that I am halfway through Project: Simplify I am feeling invigorated...(?) 

A little burnt out? 

       Maybe a little of both, if that is possible! 

Week four of Project: Simplify is organizing the Pantry & Fridge.

I'm going to go through the whole kitchen; from the freezer in the garage, the fridge, all the cupboards and drawers, and to the pantry. I love that I can deal with things shelf-by-shelf in this project. 

Some places I have just allowed to accumulate junk. Like my silverware drawer -- it has become the nesting ground for random pens. And my largest cupboard is full of serving stuff that I will just never use. Time to say adios

Week four - let me conquer you.

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