Thursday, March 18, 2010

too much

Too much to express.... so little reason.

But for starters - our loan for the house is final!!! And we will be closing on Monday!  We wont actually be moving in that day -- we're going to start decorating and hauling stuff over to settle in. Then, sometime - Friday at the latest -, we will move our beds and other essentials and be officially moved-in!  I haven't really decided what to do as far as painting the walls. Paint seems so.... final...I'm scared. haha. But I have some wonderful colors picked out. For sure we will be painting Acacia's room because it is currently a light shade of blue. That won't do. Her room is the only one I am positive that I will be painting so soon. And I have almost 20 new picture fames to fill with beautiful pictures that are in the process of being developed over the weekend.

I must be in shock.... because... well I am pretty sure I'm just in shock.

But I'm so happy. I'm pleased. :)

On a totally different note, I have a faint worry. Its Acacia. I weighed her a week or two ago and she was only 15lbs. Thats maybe a pound heavier than she was THREE months ago. And at her 6 month appointment she was 13 lbs (i think? maybe 12lbs...) .... People who know her are beginning to think there may be something wrong. Strangers are amazed at her size: they are astonished when I tell them she will be a year old in two weeks. I don't think (or maybe I just don't want to ....) that there could be something the matter - she eats solid foods really well, not just baby foods but anything I eat I let her try and she eats it, and she nurses like a pro. Developmentally she is right on: standing and traveling across furniture, crawling very speedily, understanding concepts....

What most concerns me is her Dr. In the first place; I don't really like him. He makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. But we are sorta limited to her Dr selection due to her insurance. This Dr just isn't what I would choose if I could. At her 6 month appointment she was in the low (teen) percentiles for her size, he said he wasn't concerned, but that if she dropped to 5%, then he would be and would want to be doing something about it.

Acacia is below 5%. She is below 0..... she is like..... negative 10% (that was at her last appt, so who knows now).

She is in perfect health. She is developing, hitting her milestones right on time. I could be worrying for nothing, but I just don't want the Dr. to make a big deal of it. So.... I'm going to be strong. And if he starts saying he wants to put her on some kind of medicine or something, I won't have it. I will switch Dr's.

Anyway, easy solution: change doctors.


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