Friday, March 26, 2010

the easiest thing

As Joe drove Jason and I out of the parking garage from Stuart Title Company, I exclaimed,

"Buying a house was, like, the easiest thing I've ever done!"

The guys exploded into laughter at my remark.

Though our plans were to have the week to paint and decorate, Jason decided that he wanted to be sleeping in our new house the day we started owning it. So we stayed up late on Sunday night, got all of our things packed and organized into the apartment living room, loaded up our sofa, table benches, chest, two lamp-stands, mattress, and box-spring into a van and hit the hay. On Monday we drove to our walk through with our car and a church 15-person fan packed full of some of our belongings.

The sellers are such great people - I forgot to mention this: [We ended up having a meeting with them at the house so they could let us know about certain things and answer any questions we had. Oh - and they left their cat with us so they wanted for us to meet her to make sure we would like her. The couple was so kind and they had a beautiful baby boy just 3 months older than Acacia.] When we walked through the house checking it out, I saw a pink polka-dot bag on the counter so I went to open it. Inside was a birthday card for Acacia; along with some bath toys and an adorable set of pajamas. I was amazed at how thoughtful these people are. They also left us with extra tiles, labeled paint (for touch-ups), extra sprinkler heads, directions on how to use the sprinklers and the hot tub, they bought our cat food and kitty litter... among many other things!!! Their names are Tom, Steph, and baby Elijah.

After the walk through, Joe drove us to the title company where we met Mike Gordon, our mortage lender, the seller's realtor and the lady in charge of the paper signing. Everyone kept telling us that we would have this huge stack of papers to sign that would take forever; but Jason and I thought the experience was quiet easy. The worst part for me was that I was roasting in the warm room. I feel like we only signed about ten papers and initialed about ten.

And just like that!


We were done. The house was ours.


Joe drove us back to OUR house and we started unloading. Pretty soon we had people dropping off shipments of our stuff that had been loaded up at our apartment by Andrew - Jason's brother. We were SO blessed by all the help. So thanks to Erik and Natalie (and Maiya and little Erik), Jon, Andrew, another Jon, Ramon, and Jessica for the help with loading and unloading. Thanks to the Villaruels for lending us their truck and moving bins, and the church for the van. And thanks to Shea Rachetts who took care of Acacia during the whole process! We are truly thankful for all the graciousness that we have been shown by those around us. We hope to be such a blessing to others as well.

The first night it took my a little while to fall asleep. I was listening to all the noises of the house and getting acquainted with them. Since then, I've unpacked the kitchen, the upper and lower bathroom, Acacia's room, and the master bedroom. All I have left is to finish putting things away in the third bedroom, taking extra or unneeding things to the crawl space, and setting up the family room. We plan on doing all of that this evening. Then tomorrow we are going to start hanging decorations!

Basically, we love the place. It is home.

Acacia likes it too... and she likes watching the kitty outside. :) oh yes --- and Acacia has learned how to clap. She does it all the time now and its adorable. Annnnnnnd she is getting her second tooth!!!

Well now that I have scared everyone away from reading this post, because it is too long, I'll stop writing. :)

xoxoxox to you all

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  1. We are so happy for you and Jason, what a blessing to finally to able to call the house home! May the Lord continue to bless you guys and have His hand upon your new home! Have fun decorating, that my favorite part :)