Wednesday, January 18, 2012

best, better, bad

I'm feeling a little overloaded...

                with information. Like I could pull out my hair. Or scream. Or cry.

The importance, even cruciality, of...
eating organic
not eating meats or animal products
not eating dairy products, or soy
not eating sugar - including [whole wheat] breads
not eating processed foods
keeping good finances
saving money for retirement
playing and interacting more with my 2 yr old
teaching my 2 yr old every chance I get
disciplining my 2 yr old diligently to develop her character
starting homeschooling now
not letting 2 yr old & baby watch TV
not using bad cleaning chemicals
not using pharmaceuticals
not using foreign/unnatural chemicals on my body
not using disposable diapers
having goals and passions to pursue (career or hobby)
being educated and involved in politics
supporting humanitarian causes
managing my time (staying organized)
staying physically fit, getting exercise
not wasting, being frugal

How's a girl to do it all!?

Is it even possible to prioritize that list?

What is it that the Lord wants from me?

     What is it that the Lord wants from me?

          What is it that the Lord wants from me?


  1. Yes and amen. One thing at a time...

    1. Yeah, figure, "Lord, my life is in Your hands. I will do my best with the knowledge, time, and resources I have and I entrust my health to You. "