Sunday, April 15, 2012

project: simplify - week 1 complete

Woot woot!

One room of my house is "simplified" down to every nook and cranny.

Do you know how good this feels?

It took about three days of focused work - that is, of course, between naptimes, mealtimes, and other household chores. So, week one of Project: Simplify = complete.

Now for photos!

Before - my side, top shelf

After! Still need to figure out a way to display my bouquet in my room...

Before - the bottom of my side was stuffed with junk

After - I organized the bins and got rid of the big blue storage box

My side BEFORE

My side AFTER

Before - looking back in to the closet

After - I got rid of all my tiny jeans that I'll never fit into again - that cleared up a LOT of space

Jason's side BEFORE

Jason's side AFTER! 

Before - the view back into his closet

After - big difference. No more random junk stored up top

 Jason's t-shirt buckets BEFORE - overflowing

Jason's shirts after. You can see that I purged out quite a lot.

Jason's and my undies/socks buckets BEFORE - also overflowing

Socks and undies after - Jason's side is way better.

I have to praise Jason because he really was such a good sport about the project. I sorted through all his clothes and took out a bunch of things. Ironically, I happened to choose special items that he was very sentimental over -- who knew Jason had such a side!?

"Do you know how many memories I have attached to this shirt!??? This is like, my favorite shirt ever!"

Apart from the clothes, I also had us sort through our nightstands together. We removed all the trash, books, and piles of pens that just accumulated over time unnecessarily. He also took all the stuff downstairs that no longer belonged in our room -- yard sale stuff to the garage and storage stuff downstairs to be stored later.

We finished the room on Saturday together... I feel so much relief when I walk in now. Knowing that everything that is in there, I want in there.

I'm so excited for the next project!


  1. I don't know if you have one, but Joseph and I have a "donation bin". It's a great big tub that sits in our closet (convenient for us, but you don't have to have it in your closet) and it's for all those things you don't want to get rid of because they're still good, but you know deep down that you'll probably never use/wear them. We toss in things as we come across them and when the bin is full, Joseph takes it to goodwill. We end up taking 1-2 bins a month! and my house is sooooo much less cluttered because of it. I have a hard time letting go of things because my dad always hoarded everything for "projects" (blech, you should see my sister's room!!) and I didn't realize I did that until a few years ago. I toss in books, clothes, toys the girls don't play with anymore, everything!!

  2. That is a great idea, Cassandra! Hoarding is also in my blood... but I feel empowered to break the mold; be ruthless! :)