Monday, April 16, 2012

project: simplify - week 2

Today, Monday, begins week two of Project: Simplify. Last week I tackled the master bedroom, which was awesome. But I'm reeeeeaaaalllly stoked about this week.

Week two, according to Simple Mom, is supposed to be Paper Clutter.

But I'm breaking the rules. I'm skipping Paper Clutter and diving straight into Kid's Toys & Clothes.

I'll give you a hint as to why...
That's the closet -- stuffed with clothes and baby accessories..

The books and puzzles... 'nough said.

And the room. Toys e-v-e-ry-where. Back there behind Acacia is just a giant pile of toys stacked two feet high. Nice. 

Apart from getting out the things the girls don't need, I really need to sort through the clothes. Set aside the things that can be worn later, seasonal, and clothes to give away and bring in the new (and seasonally appropriate) clothes. I think I have two whole boxes of baby/toddler shoes to go through. 

I'll be honest -- by noon today I had already busted out the toys, set aside the stuff for my yard sale, cleaned, and even re-arranged the room. I'm hoping to focus all my energy on the closet, dresser, and all the clothes with the rest of my week. 

I'm looking forward to updating you when this project is complete!

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