Monday, April 9, 2012

project: simplify - week 1

This week is the start of my Project: Simplify!

Inspired by Simple Mom, I am taking on her challenge to de-clutter and organize. I missed her project for this year when I was out of town for a few weeks, but I have actually decided to do last year's <- click that link for all the details! In about two months, I am planning on having a yard sale and maybe earning a little pocket change for the stuff we just don't need.

Week 1 -  The Master Closet

I will actually be extending this to my entire master bedroom - down to my extra clothes in storage (if I have the time).

I'll have four categories for my (and Jason's) belongings:
1. Keep   2. Throw Away   3. Give Away   4. Store Elsewhere

So let's get started!

Here are the "before" pictures...

My side of the closet

Jason's side of the closet

 The girls being patient as I start my project :)

Jason's t-shirt baskets

Jason's and my undies/socks basket

If you look at the reflexion of my room in the mirror, you can see that my room is EXTRA messy; it rarely never looks like this. We had Acacia's birthday party over the weekend and I literally threw any out-of-place-junk from downstairs up there and closed the door tight. What better week to start a de-clutter project!?

Are you doing anything for spring cleaning this year?

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