Saturday, April 28, 2012

project: simplify - week 3 complete

It wasn't easy.

But now that it's over, I gotta say it: "Woot woot!"

Project: Simplify - week three is completa!

I'm not going to lie. This was the hardest, strenuous week thus far. It took a lot of will and determination for me. After day one, I felt overwhelmed and completely in over my head. See why?

Poor Acacia must have thought I was crazy, destroying her bedroom and all. But she had nothing to fear (though I did -- mountains of clothes). 
By day three, things were already shaping up.

I filtered out the winter stuff, brought in all the summer clothes, removed Ava's items that no longer fit, organized all her future items by size and made them easily accessible, and priced each removed item for yard sale.

Now for the fun part! But bear with me, I have a LOT to show you :)

The girls' closet BEFORE

Aaaannd the AFTER

Looking back into the top right


This is looking back into the top left side

Can you see difference!?

Left side before

This is a drastic change. 

Right side before

Maybe I'll actually be able to pull this playhouse out to be played with one day -- now that it's not covered in heavy boxes of stuff that really don't belong in a toddler's room anyway. :)

Okay, so, moving on to the dresser. This is the top drawer before.

The fabulous after.

Before - second drawer (Ava's clothes)

After - Ava's drawer

Third (Acacia's) drawer before

Acacia's drawer after!

I am on the verge of spilling all the gore on "Oh, how awful it was... blah blah blah," but I think it would be better just to spare you the details and let you admire my handiwork. It can seem so simple and happy looking at before and after pictures. I feel like a Jedi Master now that it's finished. Now let us ooo and ahh over Jason's work...
The corner of the kitchen counter is a magnet for random junk and bills.

After -- yeah, in my wildest dreams it would actually stay like this.

Before- files soooo close to their home...

 All tucked away where they belong.

After this week, I can easily conquer the coming projects.

Happy simplifying to you!

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