Monday, April 23, 2012

project: simplify - week 3

As you know from last week, I switched Project: Simplify week two with week three (paper clutter with kid's toys). This being my third week, I'm kinda doing a double project -- and hopefully being more productive than last week. It shouldn't be far too difficult though because I am assigning the first portion entirely to Jason: Paper Clutter.

For me? -- I get (like it's some kind of privilege..?) to finish the kid's room: clothes and closet. I just can't skip this area because it's probably one of the most messy, unorganized sections of my house!

Here is a little preview...

Acacia's closet (I posted this last week, but since it didn't get done, here it is again).

Here is some of our paper clutter. 

Ready. Set. GO!

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