Friday, July 9, 2010

day 10

Well it is currently 8:30am and I am finished with all my work for the day.

As Sheree' and I were chugging along painting the bottom cabinets during Acacia's nap, Jason drove up the driveway and informed us that he came home early to watch the baby so that we could get everything painted.

And thank goodness he did show up! We were not only able to finish all the antiquing, but once we were finished our hands were coated with the glaze and we were out of paint thinner. (Oil paint is not like acrylic. You can't just wash it off with soap and water. It stays sticky [forever] until it dries and only comes off with paint thinner). If he had not turned up, Sheree' and I would have been wearing bags on our hands the rest of the day. But he was able to run to Lowe's with Acacia to pick some up. He even brought us home food. What a sweetie.

Before I forget I want to mention that this project could not have been possible without my wonderful husband and his dearly loved sister, Sheree'.

So.... the glazing.... was hard.

    Much harder than it looks in all the videos I watched.

The paint/glaze mixture starts drying so quickly, and becomes sticky. We had to put some serious elbow grease into the process along with moving as fast as possible.

A bit stressful.
    But fun.

Anyway, once we were finished, I untaped everything and cleaned up all the mess. This morning, Jason brought in the drill and reinstalled all the bottom cabinets so that the kitchen could be baby proof today. (I know... I originally said we would wait 48 hours, but the glaze only said 16 hours of drying time... and we have people coming over tonight.) I helped a little where I could - and that was all my work for the day!

Today, I am going to relax. I'm going to snuggle up in bed as soon as Acacia goes down for nap and catch myself some much-needed rest.

Pictures will be posted this weekend, after the top cabinets are installed.

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