Saturday, July 3, 2010

day 3 & 4

So yesterday was the third day.

Got the top cabinets painted with its second (and last coat) of cream.

Sadly, the oil paint takes 24 hours for one coat to dry.... so say for the cabinet doors that will take at least two coats each side... that equals 4 days.  And the oil stinks SO bad that today, Saturday, is my third day with a persistent headache. This is going to be a longer, more tedious, process than I had anticipated. In fact, I calculated and this could turn out to be a two week ordeal. (Of course, if I didn't have a baby this project could be accomplished in half the time.)

But at least half the green in my kitchen is gone forever. Which is something that I am very grateful of.

Now I just gotta get this project finished. 


Today I plan on painting a coat on the top cab doors and (since Jason is home to watch Acacia so I can work) start tearing out the bottom cabinets; clean, sand, and prime them. Possibly even get a first coat of cream on them.

All that would be... ideal.

Wish me luck.


  1. GOOD LUCK ARI!! I'm sure if you work hard you can finish it more quickly. :) Can't wait to come!

  2. Well I got everything done that I had wanted to, except the first coat of cream on the bottom cabinets! Not sure what will get done today... it being a holiday. love you mae! can't wait for you to see them!