Thursday, July 1, 2010

yesterday: day 1

Yesterday Sheree' and I got a LOT accomplished.

We hit the stores, bought a new light for the dining room, all the paint, the glaze, brushes, etc., and anything else we'd need along the way.

Our plan of action is - starting with the top cabinets.

We got all the doors removed and hardware taken off everything. We then sanded them down, along with the disgusting green frames. And to top it off, we finished priming it all.

Oh - and Jason and I installed the new light for our dining room. Its beautiful.

What an accomplished day it was. And everything done while Acacia was sleeping. Today I'm hoping for a LONG naptime to get the first coat of cream paint on the cabinet frame and doors today.

Unfortunately, Acacia chose the worst week to decide she can walk anywhere she likes.

Fortunately, Acacia has finally realized she can walk anywhere.

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