Thursday, July 1, 2010

day 2 & 'before' pics

Here is the kitchen

 See what I mean: what-where-they-thinking?-green cabinets = ugly.

 this was the only pic I took on closing day of the dining room but it turned out very dark
 this is a picture of the dining room from the real estate website when the house was on market
and last of all, this is a close up of the dining room light. hideous.

So there are the BEFORE shots! And already the place is looking totally different.

Today we started the morning by sanding everything we primed, just lightly, before adding the first coat. During Acacia's [short] nap we were only able to accomplish painting the cabinet frame. After bedtime, I'll conquer the doors.

Oil-based paint is a pain to work with. I'm not sure I'll ever choose to work with it again. It stinks, its messy and hard to clean off. The color, however, is fabulous. The name of the paint we are applying right now is Victorian Linen.

Its a creamy white. 

And I'm in love with it.

Painting the cabinet's underside is the most difficult of all. Sheree' and I have taken to leaning back and resting on the counter so we can see what we're doing. I must say, I look forward to being finished with the top cab's  and be on with the bottom half where we can sit as we paint.

Enough update for today. Hoping I can get both sides of the doors painted tonight, though very doubtful of the possibility.

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