Friday, July 16, 2010

diamonds in the rough

The cabinets have been finished for the past week. They are beautiful.

    But for now, they just have to look like diamonds in the rough.

I was right

I WAS getting sick. And very sick indeed. Who knows how long I have had mononucleosis... but at least I now know why I was so overly exhausted during renow week. Thankfully I am finally feeling much better though I am still very tired. My tonsils are almost back to normal (they basically became two giant, painful, pus balls --- disgusting. I know.)

I'm basically contagious for [up to] the next year and a half.


I agree.

Oh well. The Lord had some reason for it. Though I don't understand it.

Staying on topic however, I would just like to give a list of things I am pleased about and things I would do different next time.

What went well:

  • all the help I received from Sheree'
  • Jason surprising us with help
  • the painted brown knobs look really cute (as opposed to purchasing nice new metal ones)
  • I the smooth texture of the oil paint. Its nothing like acrylic
  • the oil paint went really far so we didn't have to buy any second buckets

But... next time [and there never will be]:

  • the cream paint will be just a touch darker
  • the brown paint will be a few shades lighter or... I'd add more glaze to the mix
  • use acrylic paint - and just make sure to use a finish coat
  • hire a professional
  • actually... .I'll just buy new cabinets. Thanks.

I'm debating whether I should post a picture of the kitchen in its current state or not. Though the cabinetry and white appliances all look great, the two main problems are the white walls and hideodeous white-and-green tile backsplash. Since I'm sick, however, those white walls shall remain until my energy is regained (not for a few weeks, at the least).

The good thing is that the mono didn't take over until after the cabinets were finished :)
          And for that, I am very grateful.

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